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Our mission is to create a concrete tool that helps people to understand the impact of their diet on themselves and the planet and that enables people to reduce this impact to their own abilities.

We want to do this by bringing together individuals, industry and knowledge centers as we believe this complex issue deserves a holistic solution. This solution should stress positivity and aim to make sustainable and healthy food an enjoyable experience where we don't judge people's personal choices.

We aim to work together with other initiatives that share our goals and ideals, rather than compete with the, We believe that if we do share a missions, we will always find a way to work together.



We are a young team with a passion for restoring the environment and good food. The combination of these things turned out to be even more logical than expected.

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Lise Vermeersch

Project Manager

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Eline Van Den Bergh

Food and sales


Evert Heylen


PP (6).png

Laura Garcia Ocampo


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Robert Boggle


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