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We've gathered some fun facts on sustainability and food! Want to learn more and become a true Ecoterian? Try our application!

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Koeien in een veld

all types of meat are equally bad for the environment

Is it true that

Not true! You can also reduce your impact by changing to different kinds of meat. Of course, plant-based recipes are just as delicious and will always reduce your impact the most!

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freshwater supply is globally used for agriculture?

How much of our

No less than 70% of our freshwater supply is used for agriculture! Knowing that we are currently facing global water shortages and will do so even more in the future, this is definitely something we can work on.

Glazen water
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Kaas en druiven

replacing meat by cheese is better for the environment?

Is it true that

Not true! To produce cheese, we also need to raise cows, which are ruminants and therefore produce a lot of greenhouse gasses, which in turn influences global warming.

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heat a standard Belgian apartment using natural gas for