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Sustainable lunch at work

Our goal is to make sustainability easy and accessible, once and for all. Fine, but how do you do this? Well that's what we like to talk about in our workshops and lectures. During our workshops and lectures we want to inspire participants to make a habit out of healthy eating and living, something they consciously and effortlessly choose day in day out. All of our workshops and lectures have a theoretical base, but we mainly provide practical tips & tricks, as well as some simple and delicious combinations that do not require complicated cooking techniques.

What can you expect?


An introduction on sustainable and healthy food

15 min

We will give you the basic information you need to know how we determine whether food is healthy or sustainable. We do this in a short presentation.


An answer to your questions

30 min

We make sure the workshop is tailored to your company! One week in advance we send out some frequently asked questions and your employees can decide which ones they want answered. We dive into the answers during an interactive session. Examples include:

  •  Is eating local better; both for your body and the planet?

  • Does cheese have a big impact? Is there a difference in emissions between goat cheese and cow cheese?

  • What kinds of meat are most polluting and unhealthy? 


Making the lunch!

30 min

We will give you practice examples of sustainable spreads you can make at home that are both very healthy and eco-friendly. We provide all necessary material and guidance to make the spreads.


Time to enjoy!

30 min

Of course we also have to be able to enjoy the delicious lunch we just created! During the lunch we are available for any remaining questions. After the session, participants also receive a booklet with the recipes to create the spreads at home. The booklet also contains the nutritional information, environmental information and some additional tips and tricks!

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Are you interested or would you like to receive more information about our workshop? Contact us!

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