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VUB restaurant saves CO2!

During the week of the 6th of December we will be calculating and displaying all CO2 scores of the VUB meals served in the restaurant! That way, you can decide what to eat based on the climate impact of your meal!

How does it work?

We need ingredients to make a meal. All these ingredients are produced, packaged and transported and during all these processes, greenhouse gasses are produced which cause global warming.

An average meal in Belgium produces 2,5 kg of CO2 equivalent. On the graphs we show you how much CO2 a meal emits compared to an average meal by the light blue chart. We also show you how far you would have to drive with an average car to emit the same amount of CO2!

Untitled design (1).png
Untitled design (1).png

That recipes with cheese can have a very large effect, because cows are ruminants and produce methane when they digest? Want to learn more about the science behind it? Make sure to check out our e-book!

As the amount of people in our campus restaurant is limited due to COVID-19 measures, we will only display de CO2-impact of the recipes. Next semester, however, we will try to save a ton of CO2-equivalent all together! 


Menu 1

Kipbrochette met oosterse groenten en curry


Menu 2

Varkenskotelet met rode kool



Vegan burger met preistamppot



Zalmfilet met Hollandse saus en spinazie


Do you want this for you company?

Do you want to do an Ecoterian week at your company? Make sure to contact us so we can make you an offer!

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