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Cities and communes

The aim of this partnership is to create a community that is aware of the possibilities for a more sustainable life and who is eager to actively contributes to it. As a municipality, you have a large network, through this way we try to get various companies and restaurants to participate in the project so that the residents of your municipality can make optimal use of the application.

Promotional Activities we Offer

  • Short introduction of your municipality on our site with a link from your website



The municipality buys a number of licenses that are then distributed among the residents. This would be offered in an amount of 1000 licenses where a cost of 2000 euros is prohibited. This can be translated into a cost of 2 euros/premium account for the municipality.

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

The Ecoterian team is always looking for motivated partners to expand our network together and make the world a better place. Do you think we would be a good fit? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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