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Company Restaurant

In the future, companies will have to focus strongly on reducing their CO2 footprint and Ecoterian is here to help! With the help of our application, we give companies the opportunity to closely monitor their CO2 emissions in their company restaurants. Instead of a one-off calculation of the CO2 of your company, you can follow the daily progress in the company restaurant and encourage employees in a fun way to consume more sustainably.

Promotional Activities we Offer

  • Short introduction of your company restaurant on our site with link from your website

  • Company logo on the respective dishes in the application

  • Google maps with a marking of your company on the website



We charge a fixed amount of 100 euros per month for the use of our application in your restaurant. In addition, as a company, you can choose to have the dishes registered in the app by the  Ecoterian team, for a work fee or you can choose to do this yourself.

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

The Ecoterian team is always looking for motivated partners to expand our network together and make the world a better place. Do you think we would be a good fit? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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