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Citrus Fruits


Ecoterian is always on the lookout for conscious partners to expand its network, to share all its knowledge playfully. Is your restaurant already making an effort to be more sustainable? Do you want to show this to your customers and join our sustainable community? Then become part of the Ecoterian network! We will add your recipes to our meal planner and allow our users to log a meal they had at your restaurant.


What do we offer?

We empower your organization with the tools to track the impact of day-to-day sustainability initiatives. Our application enables you to add plates to our meal planner and calculate the carbon footprint of your customers' choices. Via our application, users will be equipped to track their CO2 savings, both individually and collectively.

License fee | 60 EUR/month

​​By partnering with Ecoterian, you will be able to offer your clientele data-driven insights into their consumption patterns, while promoting greater visibility of your restaurant:​

  • Introduction of your restaurant on our site with a link from your website.

  • Restaurant logo on the respective meals in the application.

  • Google maps with a marking of your restaurant on the website.

  • Registration of 5 meals per month in the application by the Ecoterian team

  • Free access to our database that will be regularly updated.

  • Continuous support.

Installment expense | 200 EUR

A one-time fee will be charged upon initiation of our cooperation to cover the start-up costs. We will service any need to introduce and train your organization in the use of our application, as well as the follow-up of our latest platform developments.


Schermafbeelding 2022-07-28 om 13.18.34.png

At Le Botaniste you can enjoy delicious organic meals and drinks, and they also provide their customers with a super cozy location. Their goal is to let people enjoy a creative and colorful menu based on organic and plant-based food. This ranges from Chill son carne to composing your very own bowl. This way, people can enjoy surprising flavors that are both good for themselves and beneficial for the environment. Ready to taste what they have to offer? In our app you can see how much CO2 emissions you produce/save with each of their dishes! In the future, you will even be able to enjoy our one and only Ecoterian bowl... Curious? Be sure to check out their recipes in our app.


At Bar Pilar you will enjoy eating thé best vegan spaghetti! Ok, we might be slightly biased since most of us studied at the VUB (which is were Pilar is located - the VUB campus). But nevertheless, we recommend trying out their menu. From delicious croques to thai curries, their menu is colorful and so is their interior. As said by them, Bar Pilar is a warm bath for musical discovery, sunny apéros and concerts. Apart for offering both yummie vegan, vegetarian and other dishes, be ready to find Chouffe and Vedett on tap! Don’t forget to use our app, so you can see how much CO2 emissions you produce/save with each of their dishes!

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Ontwerp zonder titel.png
Ontwerp zonder titel.png

Discover our partners

Do you also want to log your recipes when going out to dinner? We are making it possible! Discover the meals that our partners have to offer and learn more about the carbon footprint of your favorite restaurants.

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

The Ecoterian team is always looking for motivated partners to expand our network together and make the world a better place. Do you think we would be a good fit? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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Bocadillo is the take-away stand on the VUB campus. No time to sit down or prefer a take-out and walk kinda lunch? Then Bocadillo is your go to stand. Order your favorite sandwich, a healthy fresh salad or a well filling (and let’s be honest, always a good idea) pasta and off you go. Curious about the impact of these dishes? Then go check out their recipes in our app!


Nothing complex about ‘t Complex. Located on the VUB campus, ‘t Complex offers breakfasts (start that early class with a little breakfast) and lunches with delivery! Yay, for those 'last-minute I still need food but no time to get it’- kinda peeps. And yet again, we are sure to offer you the impact of their dishes in our app . Go find out how much CO2 emissions you produce/save with each of their recipes! 

Ontwerp zonder titel (3).png
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