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We are a young team with a passion for restoring the environment and good food. The combination of these things turned out to be even more logical than expected.


Through the different levels we playfully provide tips and tricks to achieve a more sustainable life. Discover fun facts and take on challenges in each level! If you are not yet ready for a particular change in your diet, no problem, everyone in their own time. You can always skip the challenge and add it to your diet later.


Follow how well you and your fellow Ecoterians are doing in the various rankings: top 100, your friends, your goal. Want to know what this really means? See what your saved CO2 emissions correspond to. You can also follow how the Ecoterian network expands with new followers.

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On the homescreen, you can track your weekly progress of the CO2 that you save by using the meal planner. In addition, you get an overview of your next challenges and the planned meal of the day. At the bottom of the screen you can also see how much CO2 your group has already saved.


Here you can select your desired dish each day, with the "Filter" button you are able to set your different preferences in terms of time, difficulty, ingredients, and already marked favorites. In the future, you will also be able to enter your own dishes in the meal planner.


With the help of the shopping list, you are always aware of where to find stores and restaurants that make a commitment to sustainability. This will be gradually expanded over time.