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To create a a personal menu, we have to assign your starting level. You can choose a starting plant by reading the text on the left or take a test to find out!


Get personalized menus.

Choose one of our menus to get started! These menus are a perfect start to a plant based diet. Soon we will be adding new recipes to make it even easier to make changes. Subscribe to stay up to date!


Learn about sustainability.

We will explain all about sustainability and how we can measure this from the very beginning! This way you can make your own informed decisions.


Follow the evolution of your impact in time.

Feature coming soon! Subscribe for our e-mail to get updates!

So, are you a sprout?


Is this all new to you? Do you want to make a change, but don't know have to even get started on it? Then you're a brand new sprout. Welcome to the family.


Do you already know a thing or two about plant-based diets? Seedlings will learn all about replacements for dairy and how to grow things themselves.

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Young Plant

Are you a Young Plant already? Young plants know what they are doing, because they already follow a plant-based diet, but they want to make their life easier by following new tips and tricks and using our meal planner and roadmap to bulk stores.

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Global Warming


Water use

Land Use




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Weg Van Het platteland
Plastic zak op strand
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