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Company Restaurants

Companies have a great impact and responsibility in continuously reducing their carbon footprint in the coming years. One way to start is by the food they offer their employees in the workplace. And here we can help you! How? Our application creates more awareness about the climate and can motivate your employees to eat more sustainably at work, which results in a more sustainable business for the company. So, let's join our sustainable community by becoming part of the Ecoterian network! 

What do we offer?

We empower your organization with the tools to track the impact of day-to-day sustainability initiatives. Our application enables you to add company meals to our meal planner and calculate their carbon footprint. Via our application, employees will be equipped to track their CO2 savings, both individually and collectively.

License fee | 100 EUR/month

​By partnering up with us, we will be able to support your sustainable development through the following service offering;

  • Introduction of your company restaurant on our site with a link from your website.

  • Company logo on the respective meals in the application or adapt the interface of the application to the company.

  • Google maps with a marking of your company on the website.

  • Free access to our database (which will be regularly updated).

  • Continuous support.

Data fee | Variable

Additionally, companies can opt for a supplementary data fee, where Ecoterian will register the dishes that the company restaurant offers in the application.

  • We charge you at cost for the service of updating the meals displayed in our application, in line with your weekly menus. This service corresponds with an expense of EUR 6 per registered meal.



At the VUB we tested our first MVP! Users could see what meals were available in the company restaurant and see how much CO2 they produced. Together with the community, they could see how much CO2 they were saving. Several groups and student associations even competed in a competition to save the largest amount of CO2. Learn more via our informational leaflet.

Discover our partners

Discover the meals that our partners have to offer and learn more about the carbon footprint of your company restaurant.

Citrus Fruits

Let's Work Together

The Ecoterian team is always looking for motivated partners to expand our network together and make the world a better place. Do you think we would be a good fit? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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