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Why are we doing this?

After watching a number of documentaries and reading a lot of scientific papers, we realized we wanted to change our diet as it would benefit both our own health and that of the planet. We soon realized this was a very challenging endeavor, since the information was not very accessible and often very contradictory. Access to the right tools to reduce your impact and improve your health should be a basic right. That is why we started Ecoterian, to help as many people as possible to eat better. We don't believe in being restrictive and we believe that every minor change can have a major influence on our planet.

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Global warming

Food production is responsible for 26% of global warming. If we don't limit global warming to 1,5°C, our impact might be irreversible. 

Polluted Water

Water pollution

It is estimated that we will run out of freshwater by 2040. Agriculture is responsible for no less than 70% of our freshwater use.

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In order to maintain a balanced ecosystem, we have to take care of our lands and wildlife. Currently, about half of the world's habitable land is used for agriculture.

Growing every day

We already received a lot of support and backing from several companies and institutions. Do you want to support us in any way? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Check out our missions statement and the idea behind Ecoterian during our appearance on Kanaal Z.

Ideas and remarks on a sustainable diet

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We are building a blog to document our thoughts on the process of making our application!

Calves in Nature

"From the very first moment you start to learn and make a change for our planet, you are considered to be an Ecoterian" 

An Ecoterian lifestyle is a lifestyle in which you are aware of your impact on this planet and try to minimize it as much as possible. You will try to live with nature in stead of against it. The Ecoterian diet is the very first step towards making this change.

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