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Save the planet,
one meal at a time


Set your weekly CO2 goal, depending on your diet

You will do this in level 1, where we will ask you some questions about your current way of eating.

Plan your meals, based on your diet

We will filter your meals based on your diet!


This icon, for example, means that you don't use any milk products.


Select meals based on their CO2 scores

We used life cycle assessments to determine the CO2 scores of all our recipes. That way you can make an informed decision when selecting a meal.

Check the CO2 scores from our partner restaurants

You don't always have to be the chef! Even when going out for dinner, you can make informed decisions by checking the CO2 scores from restaurants in Brussels, like Pilar and Le Botaniste.


Follow your progress

By selecting recipes, you are saving the CO2 scores to your history and you can follow up your performance and that of your friends!

Follow our training

Making a change can be difficult at first, but we will take you through all the necessary steps of moving to a more healthy and sustainable diet.

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In a blue challenge we ask you to make a change to your diet

In a red challenge we explain more about nutrition and health


Our goal is to make sustainability easy and accessible,
once and for all

Sometimes making a change can feel so overwhelming, that you just want to quit. Here at Ecoterian we aim to show you how easy and fun this can be, by providing you the very first tool to eat more sustainably based on scientific research. No contradictions, no maybes - just what science already knows finally translated into a tool that will help you to take charge of your health and your carbon footprint.


Allow us to shed a light on sustainability and food related topics.


Use our tools to measure your climate impact.


Become a healthier and more sustainable person.

Save time.

Save time by optimizing your shopping



Measure the climate impact of your current diet and compare it to values like driving a kilometer by car or heating your house.


Save time.

Plan your meals and create a shopping list by selecting the meals you would like to shop for! This way you are not only becoming more sustainable, but are also saving precious time. Our app also provides a map that will guid you to sustainable stores.



In going through our levels you will learn more about sustainability and health. In each level we will ask you to make one specific change to your diet. If you are a Premium user, you will be able to select the change you make.



Discover new, delicious recipes and change your diet as you please. We believe in making small and personalized changes. The recipes will be shown according to your current diet, which will change as you complete levels.

Become a first usr

"From the very first moment you start to learn and make a change for our planet, you are considered to be an Ecoterian" 

An Ecoterian lifestyle is a lifestyle in which you are aware of your impact on this planet and try to minimize it as much as possible. You will try to live with nature in stead of against it. The Ecoterian diet is the very first step towards making this change.

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